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To further research in developmental psychology and gerontology

Aging research and developmental psychology were the life works of Margret M. and Paul B. Baltes. Their world view and research was marked by a positive attitude towards aging and the possibilities of further maturing as well as leading a happy and meaningful life in the later phases of one’s biography. Nevertheless the Baltes’ did not ignore either the particular individual difficulties and anxieties old age comes with nor the necessity of societal enlightenment and change. They were aware of the increasing societal relevance of the topic of aging and of the abundance of new urgent questions emerging that demand intense research on aging. Paul B. Baltes set up the Foundation in 1999 with the purpose to honor Margret and to continue their common concern by this means. It was most important for him to support young researchers and – with his and Margret’s own international background – German-American cooperation. After the founder’s passing in 2006 the executive board renamed the Foundation to its current name and expanded its tasks. The Foundation now aims to advance research in developmental psychology and gerontology in general. In doing so, the Foundation keeps the spirit of Margret and Paul Baltes alive and brings it forward into the present and future.